WFH FTW, right?

It’s been the goal of many an office worker for years. Work from Home. The ability to cut the commute, save on lunch and retreat to a fortress of productivity built in the comfort of your own home.

The dream was real, for a time, but as we all know: Nightmares are dreams too.

Working from home can be a lonely, frustrating experience.

It can be hard to put your mind into work mode at the start of the day, and it’s tempting to push the end of the workday out to compensate and get a “few” last minute bits done - all at the expense of your personal and family time.

If only there were a place close by that felt like work - where you could detach from your home life and really get to grips with the day. Somewhere you could leave work when you’re finished, and not take it home with you.

We’re looking for 10 professionals in and around Tarporley to help shape a new co-working space in the center of one of the most beautiful towns in England.

Register your interest here, and take the first step to find your perfect workplace.