Building a new business is expensive and risky.

Help us by showing your support and contribute to our fundraiser for a cheeky discount on passes once we open!

TL;DR We’re raising funds to 1) prove that this idea would be loved and used by our community and 2) to pull some cash together to build out the space.

Go to our fundraising page to show your support!

It’s all too easy to express interest in an idea without commitment, but to really show your support for something, you need to have skin in the game. Even a token contribution puts a signal out that’s far stronger than words alone. It’s saying the you believe in the cause, and that you’d use it if it were there.

This is obviously important, as who has time to spend chasing a venture with no demand? Getting to the decision point, and either hitting it full tilt or dismissing the idea entirely is important, and it is critical to arrive there quickly.

Raising money is necessary too, but the main drive of our campaign is to verify that there is indeed a demand. That said, furnishing such a large space with the equipment and decor needed to make it worthy of our clientele is no cheap task. Having additional funds will mean that we’re able to include higher quality desks, seating and a decent coffee machine :)

We have a minimum target. If you do contribute and we don’t hit our goal, then all contributions will be refunded. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

So: show your support and head over to our fundraiser on Indiegogo to grab a perk!

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